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“The student is eager to learn as much as they can through out their process throughout. Asking each an every teacher what is what, who is who and why? Constantly fingering through each and every book they may get their hands on in search of the answer. Attempting to have a rebuttal and answer to each situation brought their way. Tampering with history and “knowing” the answer to everything. The inability to know everything helping the loss of sleep at night.

The student pegs on the knowledge and wisdom gained in such a short span to help them throughout life without effort. “If I know everything I’ll never be caught with my pants down. There will never be a time I can not get out of a corner because I know everything.” Says the common thoughts of the know-it-all student.

As the scholar sits in front of the guru, the guru say’s one simple word of to the eager yet dense apprentice, “You must realize, you never stop learning.

The Inability To Know

The Inability To Know

Unfortunately, through out life we will always be caught in a situation where we just simply will not know the answer. There will be plenty of circumstances that we will end up in in which we will not have a come back for. Not one person is a master of all and for that reason You and I will always be on the guard to learn more. To know everything is an unrealistic goal that will never be attainable. The hope that we can be prepared for all will simply never happen.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable, with not knowing and be a student of life. We must all be patient in our own soul to have a the mind of an infant. Be a sponge and save yourself the grief of thinking you know it all.

Question For The Day

Are you comfortable with not knowing everything? Do you understand that you are constantly learning through out life and will never “not” be a student?

The emergency to learn should never end. We are all student to this walk and have always a gain in understanding more. The search for the answer is a road that will never clear way and the tracks will always be out of sight. Automatically set at defeat, think outside of the box at all times. Life is not a one size fits all plan, join the revolution to learn and grow. Be one with the earth and allow your stress to be extinct.

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