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The Need For More

Today’s Story

“Starting off small, the young entrepreneur starts off his beloved career simply by selling photos of the city to his neighbors. Small pictures, painted picture, big pictures and creative pictures. By the time anyone realizes he begins selling homes in the neighborhood but also within the entire city. While everyone’s back is turned they begin the realize that the once small, young entrepreneur is beginning to buy the houses himself now. While the city sleeps the master mind begins to buy it. The need for more was just once a struggle but now a crucial point in the daily management of life.

Before the eyes of the very city in which was sold as a photo is now a possession to the entrepreneur that is literally a living dream.

The Need For More

The Need For More

We can say that the need for more can be used in many different ways. We can put the prospect of negativity upon it, positivity or even simply being just that: The need for more.

When used as a driving force behind the meaning of a better life, it can become an unstoppable device that can be used at any time. The hunger to become better turns into a choice that is made consciously everyday. Habitually implementing the idea that more is never enough can turn into an evil concept if not left up to it’s own devices, though. Humbly approaching the idea that more is just a concept to build upon what is already given should be taken.

Checks and balances are an important process to the progress of life and the accomplishments gained through out time. We should always be looking back in the mirror with the satisfaction of knowing that we never change for our environment but for the betterment of the world around us and ourselves. Keeping on with the daily grind the gain the upper hand in the battle to survive. While no one is looking and others are doubting you are given the chance to come out on top.

Take a moment an appreciate what you have today and then get out there and get some more. You deserve it so long as you are not negatively effecting other’s lives. We all deserve a piece of the pie that’s ever lasting sweetness will provide the fruit to keep us all alive.

Question For The Day

Where do you put your drive for more? Are you able to reap the benefits of life and your labors while still approaching life humbly without asking for more?

A positive force brings with it prosperity and the essence of being able to function properly. With the proper drive in place you become virtually unstoppable while creating your own life to live. Don’t ever allow the world to change you as a person and keep yourself in check throughout. While climbing the ranks and becoming a better version of yourself does not remove the entirety of the world.

With a little inspiration and the need for more life could become a game that you play with ease to gain the upper hand for more. Placing first and second in each tier of the ranks and able to gain the right knowledge to continue on for more.

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Written By: Will


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