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“The sense that everything must be in order before the day begins before the front door opens and the worlds light shines in. Creating each and every moment to be indestructible and never expecting anything to be out of place. In tune the drive for perfection is so precise with the placement of everything that when one thing is out of place it is immediately noticed.

She in on her hands and knees looking at the floor making sure that’s not a scratch. He is polishing the scuff from his shoe before the world sees a shoe with out a shine. Only to be let down when it is a scratch and the scuff arises back out of the blue. Unable to adapt to change and with a struggling life long fight with reality.”

The Drive For Perfection

The Drive For Perfection

With so much at risk, everything needs to be perfect, right? Wrong. Working through the troubles in life will be much easier once the acceptance takes place that, what is will be. Take a look at life and think about it for a second. Nothing in life is perfect and it never will be. There’s an old saying that’s thrown around the kitchen quite often it say’s Mise en place. Everything in it’s place.

Habitually we are allowed to base our assumptions with life on a grid that say’s things should be the same tomorrow so that we are ready for tomorrow. Who is to say that tomorrow will go exactly as planned? It probably won’t and that’s no news to any of us. The stress involved with simply wanting everything to play out perfectly is enough for me to back off the idea. It’s okay to be ready but when it boils down to it we can not expect to have the luxury of constant consistency.

The drive for perfection is an unattainable goal that will never be met but can be treated as a broad idea. We can strive for perfection but we will never be perfect. As we walk through life everything requires a balance and with balance comes chaos. Our brains are required to problem solve multiple times a day, it keeps us sharp.

Question For The Day

How realistic are you when it comes to the expectations of your day? Are you able to realize that it’s okay when things do go the way they should?

Take a step back an analyze this funny thing we call life. Help your brain wrap around the concept that we are all here together working along side one another almost in harmony. There are seven billion of us operating at all times and we somehow manage to get through most moments without a flaw.

It’s pretty funny if you think about it, we all go through some time of chaos periodically without even realizing it because our problem solving skills are so fine tuned with fixing them. A road is blocked on the way to work; you’ve already rerouted yourself. You forgot your wallet on the counter before leaving home; but you’ve got lunch covered. The key is broken but the spare is under the rug.

We are machines when it comes to figuring stuff out why would you not want to use that ability. Our mental capacity is so impressive that we do these things without even thinking about it, it’s already done. The fun starts when the world is no longer perfect.

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