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Captivating Motivation

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“The photographer sit’s upon the stump out in the wild waiting for the moment they have been all waiting for. Skeptical that it will happen but hope is not lost but, only hanging on by a thread. Soon they must pack up all the gear and go home without the moment in time worth capturing. Captivating motivation as if it were a rare commodity that were to be draining at an alarming rate. FINALLY! The sea otters fall asleep right next to each other. Get this, they are holding hands as to not drift apart, something they do to protect themselves from the dangerous waters. With satisfaction, the photographer and the crew can go home knowing they’ve got the perfect picture.”

Captivating Motivation

Captivating Motivation

There’s this odd sense of entitlement sometimes in life where people feel as if they only have to do what they want and that’s it. In reality I feel that’s a vital mistake and set back in life that stunts growth and the power to gain more knowledge. With much reasoning I can explain myself or I can give you a real life example.

Through out life we all must do things that we don’t wish to do. There may even be situations in which we avoid for a long period of time either out of fear or frustration. Attempting to remain lazy and have an excuse to why what isn’t getting done, shouldn’t get done. The lack of motivation to continue forward when it’s mandatory to get to the next level in life.

Capture each moment in time as if it were a solid picture. Make the moment yours and nothing less. Be the power in your own life because chances are no one else will do that for you. Captivating motivation is an easy task as is taking a simple selfie.

Mustering the motivation to continue on in times of hardship can be the tipping point of revitalizing yourself as a person and even a monumental moment of evolution in the mind. Decide to captivate motivation so that you may grow even at the worst times within life. There is something to learn with every trial and tribulation we go through. Remember this one thing: What doesn’t break you or kill you makes you stronger. At the end of the day when you’ve accomplished even the things you don’t want to, there is no better feeling.

Question For The Day

How often do you not do something just because you can no get the motivation to do it? Do you understand the benefits of fighting through tough times?

We are all warriors at heart and have the ambition to get what needs to get done, done. It’s up to you do decide on if you want to be that person though. Walking through life it can be an easy one or you can prepare yourself for difficulties are triumph over the world that is handed to you. Dedication is required of course, but the benefits and gifts that are gained will never amount to being stagnant and still. Take the time to harness the power you have within and you will find out that you are much greater than you think.

It’s all in the mind and once you have the key to unlock it, a different person you will be.

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Written By: Will


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