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“The bill’s are late again this month and there is hardly any food on the table. There is a shortage of toothpaste again and rent is due in three days. How are we ever going to make ends meet when the pay check doesn’t come in for another week? Unable to make sense of why it’s happening again pressure begins to build. The ability to take on so much all at once should have broken the exterior many of times. Mentally the stability is almost gone yet there is one thing that is helping hold on. There is that power we feel within that knows everything will be alright. Helping create the understand that as long as we apply ourselves fully the universe will give us exactly what we need in due time. Taking on stress in the right manner can help create good out of what is clearly bad.

A phone call to the landlord to explain the rent will be late and going a few day’s without electricity will not kill you. Being frugal with the toothpaste may seem as if it is the end of the world, but we have all dealt with much worse.

Taking On Stress

Taking On Stress

So let’s just start off on the same foot here, we’ve all be in similar situations. To literally feel the stress build up in ones body where there is almost an impossible answer to be found for the solution. There seems to be a problem around every corner and we just can’t make sense of the situation. Everything that you can take a hold of seems to be taking on more stress. The ability to hold it together seems to be paper thin at this point. Creating the sensitive solution to the problem is only half of the battle. Keeping it together is more or less the greatest challenge.

Hear me out, when we get through these stressful times doesn’t it feel much better? To actually hold it down through out the entire experience and gain some knowledge and wisdom. The universe will hand you challenges all of the time, it is up to you to handle them with precision and accuracy. Becoming a better person by feeling the actual stress is a gain that some may never go through.

Being able to become a stronger individual requires you to crawl through the trenches at times to understand what it is to truly want something or need something. Not that we deserve to be put through this but we can use it to grow.

Question For The Day

Have you ever had to work through something that was extremely successful, but come out in the end a stronger individual? Are you able to hold it together through stressful times?

Life can get hard and we all know this to be a fact.. So then why are we not ready when the time comes? Anxiety and being unprepared for these stressful times in life will lead to unwanted problems. What if I told you, you can help to hold it together by just being ready for these things to happen.

Do yourself a favor and when times get stressful just remember: it’s only happening to make your stronger.

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Written By: Will



  • Good word. That is what the trying of your faith does: “knowing that the testing of your faith produces [a]patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be [b]perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” John 1:3-4. Why to go. Happy Valentines Day Will. God bless have a great weekend.

    • Happy Belated Valentine’s Day Pastor! Hope you had a beautiful weekend. I love the scripture it fits my point perfectly. With a little bit of time and faith everything will end up where it should be. As one of my favorite sayings from Eric Thomas, “Don’t rush the process, trust the process!”

      Have a great day!

      • Thank you so much for the encouragement Will. Have a blessed week!

  • Faith resolves stress. Life pressures seem unsurmountable but in fact it is possible. I have been push to my limits and wits end on how can I survive this but it is possible. There were times when I was sick and unable to buy in food but amazing how you can make a good meal from almost nothing.

    • No toothpaste well use salt it is the healthier option.

    • Isn’t that the truth. And if you just gather your patience together and wait, most of the time things end up just as they should. When you’re hanging on by a thread and you don’t lose your self that’s the best time to learn the most about yourself.

      Have a great day!


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