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“As the young child catches his first baseball he is immediately determined to become the best baseball player of all time. The years go by with the dedication of playing baseball still in the forefront of the mind. Little league has been a breeze of learning, establishing skills and understanding what baseball actually is. Moving into the teenage years the foundation of baseball has been laid and the school recruits what is going to be a young man soon, onto their team. Looking up to the sky every night asking his role model, his favorite player, for guidance he begins to emulate the pro’s themselves. He hears a voice ask, “Can you feel your success?” Look at all that has come out of the dedication to a spot he has loved. He has been recruited to one of the best teams in the state!

The high school team has taught him how to become a real baseball player and before he knows it he’s becoming recruited by the best colleges in the states.

Looking back in his old age long after he was a professional baseball player, he tells his grandchildren to make sure they stop and appreciate their successes each step of the way.

Can You Feel Your Success

Can You Feel Your Success

There’s always a satisfaction that can not be beaten when you can literally gauge your own success. Being able to look at what you’ve built for yourself is one of the most gratifying things one can do for oneself. When the time comes and you can over see the empire that was once a small village, you begin to see the power of one.

Every step of the way, you must learn to recognize when you’ve done something right. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with congratulating yourself for the win. Success that you can feel is something we all deserve on a constant basis as long as we are trying to make our lives better. Imagine climbing the ranks and being able to tell yourself, “YES YOU’VE GOT THIS!”

Sometimes you need to be your own biggest cheerleader. There’s nothing wrong with accepting your position and humbly accepting your accomplishments as great. Let your ego soak up some of the sun without over powering yourself into thinking that you are the center of all. Be okay with the success you’ve made and more will come.

Question For The Day

What are some of your successes and accomplishments? Are you able to feel the success that you’ve already made within your life?

Take a moment today and appreciate yourself. Learn to identify with what you’ve done for yourself and how far you’ve come. If it be with the assistance of the higher power we are involved with or a solo investment, we have much to be thankful for. Having a sense of gratitude for where we are can be another building block to waking up to become a better person each and every day.

To feel your own success will implement a drive that can not be matched or reckoned with. Harvest your strength from within and create that drive to continue on. Be one with the world and allow yourself to be great!

Go take a look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself.

Have an awesome day!

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Written By: Will


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