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“As the lost soul begins to establish the grounds in which the art of a sound life begins to take formation there is a sense of vulnerability. Trying to create a firm stance within life and begin to place meaning upon what is. Becoming exposed to the negativity of the world but being able to handle what is being presented. Once caged in emotionless and unable to understand now becomes an open battle ground for emotion and confusion. Entering the real world requires one to find the strength in vulnerability. Doing ones best to make it clear that not everything will be flowers and a dance in the park. Accepting that there will be times that negativity must be taken head on only to make one better. Climbing through the hurdles placed for the testing of how far one can be stretched until they are broken.”

Strength In Vulnerability

Strength In Vulnerability

I can’t think of a better topic to really stress things that you can see improvement within. When you feel as if you are vulnerable within a situation but still come out on the other end as successful. The immediate response for most is okay, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Opening up oneself to the world is an extremely hard process but once it is done, it can help you become the person you’ve envisioned yourself to be. Help create situation’s even if they are hard at first. Build upon what you’ve got going for yourself. Each time you let your guard down, there is an indefinite amount of opportunity available.

All of us are vulnerable at one point or another within life. We must find the strength the be in that vulnerable state and learn from it. There is no reason to use your vulnerabilities as a set back. Through out the process in which we call life we can determine what is truly unsafe for us to experience.

Question For The Day

Are you comfortable with exposing yourself to vulnerable situation for gain? Can you be uncomfortable so that you can learn and progress?

We have to all get used to being uncomfortable once in a while. This world is about handling your emotions and being able to stay in touch with them and the world around you. Yes, we are going to experience bad vibes. Yes, we are going to be around people we do not want to be around. Of course there are going to be situations we wish we didn’t have to deal with. We must find strength in these vulnerabilities and be okay with feeling all of this at once.

There is much to learn as long as you have an open mind and understand that you will not feel great all the time in the world that we live in. When you find strength in vulnerability you give yourself room to grow into a better person. Learn to deal with the situation you are placed in.

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