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“The basic structure of the building seems to be in place. Engineers have a mind that is hard to read but once the structure is build there seems to be an apparent change in the way we perceive the project. At first it was thought that there was simply going to be a parking lot where the once barren land was placed. Each day we drive by there seems to be something new in it’s place furthering the assumption that we might just be wrong. Aha, maybe it’s going to be a store front? With progress that can be felt we drive by yet again and decide maybe it will become a store front.

With another few day’s gone by the building blocks being to actually make sense. We see a hospital taking formation where patients may go if they are ill to be taken care of. As the builders took us on a journey and left us in suspense we can finally understand what the structure has become.”

Progress That Can Be Felt

Progress That Can Be Felt

Begin to imagine life as if it were a structure that you have yet to decide what it will actually be. Do an exercise with me and picture what your life would be if you took out all the extra stuff and were left with the core structure of yourself. Your routine, your process, who you are as a person and what you have as a definition of YOU.

The structure in which we build within our life should be something that we can fully understand and see. All that happens through out life can be measured with some sort of precision. Look at it this way, each and every step of the way we should be able to feel the progress that we are making. Progress that can be felt in much more appealing than simply moving through the motions of life without any sense of it.

Break life and progress down to a point in which it makes sense. Progress is something that comes and goes through out life with force and precision. You must be striving the build your end structure even if you haven’t quite decided what that structure is yet.

Question For The Day

Are you able to see your progress? If so, is your progress something that you know what it will become? If not, what can you do to improve your vision of progress?

Sometimes you have to fight to see your own progress. When you are laying down the foundation to life and yourself, you begin to build who you are and where you are going. We might not have an exact vision on where we are going but I can tell you one thing, we will end up somewhere. With progress comes an entire package of becoming a better person so long as you allow it to. Don’t treat your process lightly. Do your thing and understand where you stand and see where you can go. You can get chances that will never be attainable again if you are not paying attention.

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