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realistic goal setting

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“Moving up the ranks, the ambitious entrepreneur is quickly learning the world as it is. Able to accomplish and conquer each goal set within a reasonable time. Having reach each milestone with pride and joy the entrepreneur begins to set bigger and bigger task’s. Eventually the realistic goal setting habits once formed become unrealistic so that each milestone becomes harder if not impossible to reach. Lack of tangible accomplishments sets into the mind turning wins into failures and progress into stagnation.

The entrepreneur seeks out the mentor that once lead the way and ask’s, “Why have I all of the sudden moved from having all the drive in the world, to not having any at all?”

The answer was simple and the Guru simply said,”Coming up the ranks you set targets that were easily hit with a bow, now you can not hit your post with a cannon.”

Realistic Goal Setting

Realistic Goal Setting

When it comes to setting goals there are a few steps required to make sure that you stay on track which will need to be reminded constantly.

  1. Goals must be set up in a realistic, attainable way.
  2. What is your time frame.
  3. How much time do you need to devote to your goal?
  4. What commitments do you need to make or put on pause while going after said goal?
  5. Figure out the road blocks that may get in the way.
  6. Determine if you are actually setting yourself up to win or fail.

Of course we can go on and make a list much longer than the one here but I think this helps get to the point with setting goals. You want to make sure it’s something that you can entirely make it to with a bullet proof plan that is air tight. It’s so easy to get discourage when we either undermine our plans or don’t plan enough. Each process requires legitimate thinking and you can not just wing the important decisions in life.

There are entire books written on obtaining goals so we can determine that it’s a process that we can even over complicate. The biggest piece of advice that I’ve found useful for myself is to write everything down. Even if you feel like somethings isn’t important, just jot it down because when you set reminders for yourself that’s exactly what it does: it reminds you.

Do yourself a favor and make sure each and every step of the way your goals are tangible. You want to be able to feel your successes either emotionally or physically. Get out there and get that new car or to simply just be the best person you can be today. Goals don’t have to be over complicated and in my own experience the easier they are to obtain and touch the more you get to congratulate yourself.

Question For The Day

When you set goals are you setting yourself up to fail or win? Are your goals something that you can literally touch and feel either through emotion or physically?

I can’t stress this fact out enough, be sure to have obtainable goals. Let us be realistic when setting our goals and to be sure that they are easily attainable. I may be a bit repetitive within this post but I can’t stress it enough. While setting goals we want to go easy on ourselves all the time and be sure that we can accomplish what we are setting out minds to. The process becomes easier but that does not mean to restrict yourself to the win. Continue on building on top of what you’ve already accomplished. Don’t forget to be realistic in your goal setting!

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Written By: Will



  • For me achieving goals is prioritisation. I have a lot going on in my life and too many goals to achieve, so I regularly review and decide what I want to spend my time on the most.

    The rest gets pulled out as and when times comes free 😄

    • Absolutely! I couldn’t agree with you more. There’s always something at the top of the list which is to be completed first.

      Have a great day!


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