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Moral Standard

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“The Priest lives their life by a set standard that is not negotiable. Moving forward through-out life the moral standards that are set forth and put in place are hardly broken out of. To continue through out each day as a learning experience to gain wisdom with age. Following the instruction of the heart which is required to complete the cycle of life and death. Determined to please those around by leading the way, being a leader and not a follower. How often it is familiar to break out of the structure put in place, which you mustn’t forget.”

Moral Standards

Moral Standards

There’s a common thread one’s heart will follow once morals are brought into play. A good person at heart will continuously be a good person, no matter the circumstances. We can all attest that it will strongly be the opposite if that were the case to play out the same. There’s a set of boundaries we set on a daily basis for ourselves and with others. Moral standards are closely tied in with an individuals self-control. There’s an innate ability for the good to excel for one reason, real recognizes real.

Having a value system set in place can determine the people are that involved within life, the goals that may be achieved and even the circumstances one may end up in. Forever touting the be great and showing the opposite will do nothing but push all else far away. How often do you decide to consciously make a poor decision and follow through with it with no guilt involved. Are there things that you do that you know are not right, but continue to do them anyway? We all make bad or poor decisions but the deciding factor in who you are as a person is determined by what you do next.

You know the saying, you can not teach an old dog new tricks. Do not be the old dog allow yourself to continue on growing. There is no need to stop learning and gaining experience for we are all that we have at the day’s end.

Question For The Day

What are you doing today to save yourself from unfortunate events? Do you have a moral standard that you live your life by that you will not sacrifice for others?

To have self-control over your own being is to decide exactly what you do with your person. Imagine living life in the third person view, what would you decide to do with yourself? A true being never sacrifices themselves to look, feel or do better at the risk of imposing hurt upon others.

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  • This is a great post. Our heart is formed by what we choose to think and do, day in and day out. Great challenge: Do not be the old dog allow yourself to continue on growing 🙂

    • Thank you! Never be the old dog haha! Have a great week and don’t forget get out there and get to it!

      Have an awesome day,


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