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“As the puppet is placed upon the hand, like a sock upon the foot, each movement thereafter is committed to the beholder. Unable to make individual movements on it’s own, the puppet is lost in the abyss of control of others. Making each and every movement not for oneself but for others due to the circumstances. Life itself is removed from the individual and set through the eyes of another. Choice ultimately removed as it is given away to the world hardly given back as it is too late. The puppet’s last words were, “Don’t be a puppet, live the life you feel YOU deserve. Once you hand over your integrity and self control you’re left with nothing but the wind.

Don't break for anyone

Don’t Break For Anyone

Self-control requires something that many have lost, to be yourself. We are all bent on being something else until we realize that we can not get there until we come to terms with where we stand. Never allow yourself to become to worker of another when you have all that you need within yourself. Under no circumstances should you ever hand over your control to others for momentary relief. Hand over your dignity and you may never get it back.

Take the time to reflect on your self-control. Remember who you are as a person and go with it so you may progress in life. Be the deciding factor in the picture that you want to paint. Life is up to our individual creativity so that we may have the paint brush in hand. Our landscape should never be duplicate and the colors should be chosen solely by the holder of the brush.

Question For The Day

Do you allow others to determine where you are going in life? Are you able to have enough self-control to work out your own life and create your own circumstances?

Be strong, stay true and most importantly be you. Get out there and get to work while being yourself and nothing else. If you are not able to focus solely on what is at hand, then choose to grow. Moving forward in life the puzzle pieces may not all fall where they need to be. Don’t break for anyone and never give yourself up to the control of another. Once you are under the thumb of someone else demise all hope is lost and recovery is far off.

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