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“As if it were okay, the helmsman of the ship securely puts on his blind fold. Let us not forget there are three navigators of the ship other than him. While in control of the steering of the ship the blind fold takes away his view of all that is in front. Only reliant on the words of the two others helping to comb the waters. The ability to make decision is far from attainable by the helmsmen for he is awaiting the call of the ones who can see. As we all know the ending of this story, we have come to find out that the ship was successful sunken. How could this be?”

The Ability To Make Decision

The Ability To Make Decision

The familiar ring of listening to the advice of others settles deep within the brain. We’ve all been victim to the submission of others opinions and thoughts. While consciously moving through out life unsure of what will be next, some of us are filled with questions and not afraid to ask for answers. The cow moo’s, the duck quacks and the cat is meowing. There’s a constant change in the answers that are given to the same questions.

One tough choice that must be made through out life is to go out on a limb and make decisions for yourself. I know for me it was a hard realization that not all of the advice and direction I was given was the modest voice of a divine being. They were simply tunes sung by individuals who had their own experiences. To be truly satisfied with the result of any given situation we must learn to take self-control. Accepting the responsibility for handling life is a big step in the direction of living a righteous life.

There’s no reason that one can not realize that things must be experienced at ones own expense at times. Yes, we can learn from others mistakes. Yes, we can gain knowledge from others experiences and there are definitely things that we must listen to so we don’t backtrack. But, that is not to say we can not think for ourselves and gain the ability to make decision.

Question For The Day

Are you able to decide where you want to go with your own life without the input from others? Can you trust yourself enough to know you have the self-control to make the right decisions?

Life can be confusing at times and trusting your gut can be a tough decision. We all must learn to deal with the outcome if we are deciding to do things on our own within our own control. Take the input others give and use that to your advantage while still experiencing the life you want to live. You, yourself must first handily see things at times to make a moment worth living.

Take the blindfold off and let yourself experience life so that you know what it feels like.

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Written By: Will


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