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Know Your Limitation

Today’s Story

As the beggar proceeds to ask for money, there is one secret this man holds that no one knows. At night he takes his money and over indulges on as much alcohol he can. The house wife who runs off during the day with the money she so diligently made. To spend it all on a lavish lifestyle to feel good within herself as the world grows to be uglier each day. The husband who works with his hands all day to provide food for his family by day. Only to gamble the night away in the dream-like state of already having won the jackpot. To know your limitation is only the beginning of self-control and true improvement.

The stories that we hold within may never be noticed without, but let me tell you we all have our demons. The depths of our being are ruled by habits and our routine.

Know Your Limitation

Know Your Limitation

We all have a side of us that we must keep under control. There are many things in life that we can do without that we choose not to do so with. This here universe is a tricky situation when it comes to right and wrong. In my overall view, there really is no true answer to what is right or wrong. The only answer that can be given is to ask yourself how you feel about it. Opinion is the strongest influence on this subjective matter. Who am I to judge and the same goes for you.

What I do know is that we must all realize that everything has it’s limits and within those confinements it is extremely unhealthy to overdo anything. You can not work out too much without enough rest. You can not eat all the food that you want without the negative physical effects. There will be an everlasting effect if you decide to be a person who holds their feelings in constantly. A negative attitude constantly will change the person that you are forever.

On a real level within this writing here, we must know our balance when it comes to anything. All of this matter has to do with ones own self-discovery. There are only the answers that you have found yourself. No one can tell you what you limitations are so you must obtain the self-control to understand them before it is too late.

Question For The Day

What moral standards do you live by? Are there things that you know you must not do and if you do them, you must limit yourself?

None of us in the world are perfect so I ask these questions very broadly not to offend anyone. I can answer this question in depth but things such as these are for us to answer to ourselves. It’s to personally know your limitation that is key.

Living and setting a standard of living for your own well-being is detrimental to your own survival. The true test to self-control is being able to live the life you decide to live. When you can begin to determine where you are and where you want to be things will fall into place. There’s an importance on writing down your goals and obtaining them. There is a vital heartbeat within reaching success that were once thought to be unattainable.

What limitations are you setting for yourself so that you can get further in life?

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