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Take The Wheel

Today’s Story

On a reckless path testing destiny,

Taking the time to see the path laid out,

Unable to decipher what it all means,

The bend inevitably racing towards reality,

The brain is shouting,”TAKE THE WHEEL”,

The body is unable to react,

Gazing down at the hands of the beholder,

They finally reach up and adjust to the oncoming danger,

Narrowly missing the impact for one reason,

This is the way it was meant to be.

Take The Wheel

Take The Wheel

Life has a funny way of testing your self-control at moments where it seems you may not have any. Truth be told there are many of times where your control will be tested. For me, it’s on a daily basis because there is so much that goes into living the life you want to live. By all means there may be time where this vessel we call the body is on auto-pilot. There are moments where we must consciously remind ourselves to take the wheel. It’s all too familiar to find out that we could have or should have done something differently.

I was taught a lesson at a very young age that hind sight is 20/20. You can always look back and think about how things should have been different. What if there was a solid answer to all of the troubles we could have avoided. I’ll give you that answer, realize when you must take self control of the situation. Having self control is equivalent to a young child learning to walk for the first time. The eagerness to know that you can actually decide where each foot is placed so that you can get to your end position. That is how life should be interpreted. You are the beholder of the wheel and you decide where you end up. There’s one key component that you mustn’t forget, Self-Control.

Question For The Day

Are you able to determine what you have self-control over? Do you realize that your mind has the power to trump over the matter’s and task’s at hand?

Not to sound repetitive here but we’ve all heard the saying mind over matter. Take control over yourself and the options ahead are infinite. The ability to discover the path to success is yours once you’ve fully decided to be the deciding factor of your own life. Things will get in the way so much that you will learn to ignore them. Opportunities will be missed so often that you will learn to find even more of them. Failures will be all to familiar so that you will become willing to learn from them.

To have self-control is to have a reason to live life.

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Written By: Will


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