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Appreciate What You Have

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Around the table we sit, to give thanks to those around the food at center, given the change to be able to be with one another. Having the gift of conversation along with the appreciation for all the appearances made, for not all will be around forever. Good food, great people and the most amazing of times because each moment is accounted for. In that moment we are able to appreciate what you have with an even deeper understanding as reflection is brought full circle round. The dinner table full of family laughter goes around and the blushing cheeks of each individual get red with happiness for these moments you never get back.

Having the ability to cook for one another, see one another and literally be apart of one another lives up until the very last moment that we are here, alive. Morality is often put by the wayside but a very real thing we must all experience.

The moments we have with those that we love should be sought after as if it were the last of the gold on the planet.”

Appreciate What You Have

Appreciate What You Have

You are able to reflect on any moment in life, which can be a deciding factor of what you actually appreciate. Let’s stop and think for a moment. Are you fully paying attention to those that matter, while you are with them? While in the company of the people that matter the most to you, there should be an attentiveness given. How often we can forget that each moment with others could potentially be the last. Next time you’re with the people that are really there for you, thank them. Have your voice heard so that there is no question of appreciation.

Each opportunity that we are given to be with those supportive people around us, is a blessing from the universe. Think about this, they may not be there forever. We all have our internal clock. When the hand strikes midnight and the time here is up, it is up. We almost always stay away from these negative thoughts. Truth be told there is no reason to stray far from reality. The tool reflection may be used for any given situation and to appreciate is one of them.

Question For The Day

Do you appreciate what you have, when the time is right? Are you vocal to those around you, giving thanks where it is necessary?

To be clear, it is not hard at all to voice a simple thank you. In my own experience a thank you goes a long way. We can directly tie this rule of thumb into the act of gratitude. Showing your appreciation for others can make an impact on their lives. Can we all agree that it is important to make a positive impact upon other’s lives? To make a significant impact on another’s day should be a goal we all wish to achieve.

The clock on the wall could very well be used as a tool of self-reflection. Take a look at father time, he tells truth to all. Before time runs dry be sure to remember all that lay within the past so that you can appreciate the future.

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Written By: Will



  • Good One. Are you sure we’re not brother and sister in the Spirit. You are starting to scare me. LOL. Be and stay blessed.

    • Haha! C.F Leach you never know! Or maybe we’ve known eachother in past lives!!! It’s very possible!

      Have an awesome day!

  • Great post, gratitude for all we have been given and bless our food, that is everything we eat or drink. Remember Mother Earth too for she has provided the bounty we eat,

    • Mother is is all we have to thank for our being here. If it weren’t for her we would have nothing. Thanks for stopping in Bella!

      Have an awesome day!

  • Great advice and very inspiring. Thank you, Will.

    • Thanks for stopping in Jennie.

      Have an awesome week!

      • My pleasure, Will!

  • Beautiful post shared with a thoughtful question asked.

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