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History Repeats Itself

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“The great library had books dated centuries back. Every piece of information gathered were insight into the past wisdom, knowledge and experiences tended to. All that was, was clearly remembered for it was written in a manor to where it was logically kept, sorted into topics of discussion easily attainable. Anything that could be was found on the shelves of already been done, with not much question to arise at all so we do not have to say, history repeats itself.

How weird it sounded that the library was constantly sought after to be burned down by the outside world. Knowledge is power and the power of the world knows, you remove the history of people and they are easily controlled.

Out from the depths of hell a sick soul comes and burns down the ultimate library of knowledge. With the library goes the sense of the human and now we must relearn what we have already known.

History Repeats Itself

History Repeats Itself

When we truly lose the ability to look back into the past, then we realize how detrimental the ability to do so is. As with the Library of Alexandria was burnt down with thousands of source’s of information, lost forever. Along with some of our societal provoking in our modern day, we can say the same is going on.

History really start’s to repeat itself when the wisdom to look back upon it is gone, unable to tap into the source of knowledge that we have gained over the years.

Try not to lose yourself in your own thoughts focused more on the future and being in a “better” spot or to become a “better” person. When you have not mastered the tool of reflecting on the past. We must move through out life in a humble manor as to not forget our past, so it can not creep up on us within the future. We can literally burn down our library of knowledge with one lit match and be tempt to start all over, from the begging.

Fire burns and it burns fast.

Question For The Day

Are you able to learn from the past, so that your history does not repeat itself? Do you realize that you are the master of your own destiny, in control at all times?

To reflect in the sense of gaining wisdom, knowledge and experience we are the directors of that story. We consciously choose to create what we could remember from the past. The ability to look deep enough into it there becomes and ability to configure a story to tell ourselves, in which we remember why we are, where we are today. Do with your best diligence to not forget who you are as a person and attempt to build upon what you already have slowly adding to the shelves that are full with books already written clearly.

In all of the day’s that are lived knowledge can be taken away. Figuring out what can be learned from each and every situation is a blessing that should not be forfeited. Wisdom is gained once life is reflected upon for thoughts to be set in stone. Knowledge is earned once the decision to remember is made. Experience is shown once the sword is worn so that fighting off the warriors of the past are able.

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Written By: Will



  • Fires eat everything in their path. lost forever.

    btw : I am holding a blogging party this weekend, it would be lovely if you could pop over for a few minutes, there will be a fair amount of new bloggers there, so it would be lovely to have an experienced blogger like yourself there too.

    • Thanks for the invite! You are right, the fire causes all to be lost, which will never be found again.

      That’s why self-reflection is so important and we must hold on to what we learn with dear life.

      Have a great day Bella!


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