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Why fight your own existence

Why fight your own existence, trying to avoid the world just as it is. Progress can be broken down into simple steps resulting in accomplishing the end goal. We are not cattle to which were meant to be heard by a single master, following the path is just the beginning of success.”

A river turns a mountain into a boulder down to a rock where it becomes simple pebbles before it lay at the edge of a beach just as sand.

Why Fight Your Own Existence

Why Fight Your Own Existence

Never have I stopped to really think, when you fight the outer world you are actually fighting yourself. In all my life when I got emotionally upset with others, I’d reflect it upon them and them only until one day I realized… I was wrong.

Deflecting the true responsibility my awareness was far too gone. Accepting anything other than what I felt in control of was taboo. I couldn’t see that I was in fact part of the problem.

There’s a one way path towards acceptance and awareness which speaks truth and power into ones life. The world will continue to remain as it is but, the person you can become is constantly changing.

Are you able to accept things just as they are? Do you find it difficult to accept responsibility?

It was an intense and awakening moment when I finally realized that I was part of the problems in my life. There was a voice in my head that began to say, “Will, get out of your own way.” I’m good at that. Getting in my own way. Getting lost in my head. Blaming others for things they may not have done.

Life is a process in which we learn or fade away. Choose the ladder and wisdom you will gain.

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Written By: Will



  • It’s ironic—how you and I seem to walk this perpendicular line of thought. In one of my books I wrote: “Our season of accountability is something we shun, or even try to side step. But we must take a meticulous evaluation to understand why particular aspects of our lives and situations are not working, according to God’s will and His word. We must be fiercely honest with ourselves so we can recognize, specifically, where the problem lies. And with this finding—not be fearful of the discovery. Then the corrections that need to be made are not complicated to make. As this discovery will give you the revelation — you cannot make change without divine order.”—- Again, thanx for confirming my direction. Blessings

    • I love what you have wrote. I do believe that we are on the same pages almost consistently from what you’ve left for feedback for me, time and time again. What is the name of this book, I’d love to pick up a copy.

      Have a great day!

      • The book I am talking about is called Understanding the Seasons of Your Destiny. It hasn’t been published yet. I am still in the process of editing. It will probably be released mid-March. But I will give everyone a headsup. I do have three other books in the bookstore on my site. Feel free to check them out. And as always—-thanks for the motivation and confirmation. At least I know I am on the right track. Blessings! Have a great rest of your week.


      • Hey Claudia!

        I’ll definitely check out your other books, what are the names of them? Motivation is my game by the way, if I could just bring each person I interact with a little bit of hope… my job is complete.

        Have an awesome day!

      • Faithwalkers: How to Survive in the Desert of Hopelessness and Where In Oz is the Church. If you go on my website to the bookstore it will give you a synopsis. Thanks for the encouragement. Am really going through a most difficult time. But I know God’s got it. Be and Stay Blessed. Peace and Blessings!

  • We can be our own problem sometimes.


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