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Today’s Story

“The General takes center stage within the battle field as he prepares his army for the moment of a life time. Accepting the fact that responsibility is part of the game, what is to come next will lay upon his shoulders: Good or bad. No matter the fault in which the outcome play the General can receive praise or hell.

He sends his enforcement’s into the war grounds that they have all been waiting for, humbly asking them to give their best, not only for themselves but for their cause and himself. The General fights beside his men knowing that what is to come will determine the success of his troop and his own life along with the people rooting for them back home.

When the dust settles responsibility is laid upon the shoulders of the beholder. The one who’s orders were followed which are respectfully so.”

Responsibility is part of the game

Responsibility Is Part Of The Game

At times in life, who is right and who is wrong do not matter anymore. There will be moments that we face in which accepting responsibility as our own can determine the perception of ourselves from our selves and others. Asking others humbly to remain with you through out struggles, trials and tribulations and task’s that may not be the easiest to overcome.

Life can throw some pretty funny situations at you without much notice and if you’re not paying attention, guess what? It’s still your responsibility if you fail or not.

Think of the General in our story today, his men depend on his direction and honor. No matter the out come of the war, he can be respected as the greatest General in time or go down as the worst. In any manner he will have to accept the responsibility no matter what.

Question For The Day

Are you content with accepting that you are responsible for your own life? Can you own up to your own decisions?

I hope we can all agree that when you decide to face life on life’s terms you begin to accept things for what they are. With that you can accept responsibility for your actions, choices and even notice that where you stand is only your fault and your fault alone.

We are the creators of our own destiny.

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Written By: Will



  • We have to accept responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions, we cannot blame another for they are our doing, therefore our responsibility.

    • Agreed! Each step we take is up to ourselves there is no question of that. I feel there is a constant lack of responsibility among certain people where as there shouldn’t be.

      Have a great night!


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