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“So long to the life once lived as a glance at the past is just that, a glance, remembering all the faults, failures and experiences. The one who goes through the depths of hell, risen at the end a stronger individual. Learning that the physical world is not all rainbows, flowers and a dance in the rain. There is a required sense of balance to take on this walk we call life. Trials and tribulations will either make you or break you. To each his own, this is left to perception.

To Each His Own

To Each His Own

On every occasion you can take away knowledge, wisdom or experience if you just take a moment to think about what is happening. Is that not the point of life? To understand what this is exactly and to gain knowledge each step of the way. As humans, we were manufactured to go through life as a progression on towards goals, accomplishments and varied wins and loses.

All that comes our way is there for a purpose we are meant to go up against the grain at times. There will never be a time where all is optimistic for we live in a pessimistic world.

You are the light of optimism which see’s the path to enlightenment. It is you who creates your own happiness.

Question For The Day

Do you have faith in your process? Are you able to proceed through life at your own pace to learn exactly what you need?

It is up to you to decide what you want out of life and no one else. The outcome to the physical world is a balance between understanding, learning and being your own light. There is a path to follow and you can create your own.

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Written By: Will



  • Agree it is up to us. I think society makes feel that we something only if we are climbing the ladder. I think every step of life we should have balance, because one day we wont be climbing the career ladder, then what are we going to do ?

    • It’s all about being okay with where you are and continuing to understand life as a whole. We don’t just work and we don’t just play. There’s a healthy middle ground to it all.

      Have an awesome day!

  • In SEAT OF THE SOUL, Gary Zukav refers to our place of existence as “Earth school.” This really makes sense to me because, as you mentioned, all of our experiences/interactions have a purpose. By expanding our awareness, we are better able to see the lessons and healing intended in all that happens for us…good, bad, or indifferent…it happens FOR us.

    • Tina,

      I could not have agreed with you more. When we are on this planet I think it is up to our due diligence to experience it as much as we can and move forward and gain knowledge and wisdom throughout each and every experience we do have.



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