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Time Equals Opportunity

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“Patiently waiting, day in and day out. Forming the plan to cultivate positivity and success. Looking at the clock on the wall only to realize, time wait’s for no one. The opportunist comes to terms with the obvious fact: in order to achieve any accomplishment work must be done in a timely fashion. Time equals opportunity, where as opportunity is missed if time is not accounted for.”

Time Equals Opportunity

Time Equals Opportunity

How many times have we all heard the saying, “Should have, would have, could have.” Too many times through out even my own experiences in life, I have witnessed others miss vital moments due to lack of urgency. There was so sense of time involved within the decision making process resulting in the opportunity lost.

Question For The Day

Do you have a sense of urgency when it comes to your own accomplishments? Are you ready to take the steps required towards success?

Sometimes, risk is involved in everyone’s process which may result in a huge improvement in the quality of life. From time to time you may not quite understand what is exactly going on, but if you are to keep moving and trying, you may just get that opportunity you were least expecting. Life has a funny way of nonchalantly dropping things right into your lap and walking away to see what you were to do with it.

Use your time wisely and understand that if you are sitting stagnant you may very well miss that one chance to move up in life, or attain that next level. Always be on your toes and try your best to understand where you are going.

If no one told you today, YOU ARE AWESOME!

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