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“Looking up to a roll model, creating a preconceived notion of whom you will become. Choose your heroes diligently, the child was told as he began to grow old. Being proactive attempting to develop positive habits, routines, thoughts and process. The young child putting their favorite baseball star on a pedestal attempting through out life to achieve similar advancements or surpassing what was. Only to find out that their star in the sky is nothing but a unsavory human being.”

Choose your heroes diligently

Choose Your Heroes Diligently

Having an understanding of who you are looking up to can be a tricky situation. There are many people with talent that are not worthy of looking up to, as a whole package. Even though from the outside, in an individual may seem to be a good candidate to have as an idol; it may be very far from the truth.

Be aware of what you choose to admire, allowing pieces to be collected as individual attributes. Be particular in what you choose to perceive as positivity.

Take away what you must and leave the rest. Having a collection of diversity is far more productive in designing yourself into what you would like to become or be. No one person is all around a prime example of what must be. Base your ideas on only what you perceive of the world around you.

Be unique in the character you would like to create within this world.

Question For The Day

Are your role models the right people to look up to? Are you creating your own ideas based on those around you?

Happy New Year From Team Tangible

Team Tangible would also like to send out a Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you so much for being a part of our process and allowing us to be a part of yours. It is important for us to go into this New Year 2020 with high expectations not only for the world around us, but for ourselves as well.

I see a lot of people wanting to “leave 2019 behind them.”

Don’t allow this negative thought to continue into 2020 with you as it can disrupt the image of life you have as a whole. Allow your process to be a learning experience for the future. Each part of our process should be remembered vividly as to not make the mistakes again. Having the awareness of what is for the success to become what will be. Never forgetting the trials and tribulations that have made you, you.

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  • Heroes and Role Models can often destroy our perfect image of them. I do not believe in having them or following them. Our Heavenly Father is the only one to admire and praise.

    • I respect your view. That’s a simple, easy way to understand the process.

      Thanks for leaving some feedback! Have a great night.


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