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“Day in and day out the lonely widow seems to lose hope of life. Looking out the window wishing friends may come from over the hill, to knock on the door. Wondering how to connect to the world. Seeking the comfort of what the world has to offer, wondering why it will not come. Slowly falling into the depths of a shadowy place but holding on for dear life. Then the idea finally comes that the widow realizes… She must leave the house if to connect with the world.”

Connect To The World

Connect To The World

Expectations are deadly in the sense that, if you expect life to progress itself, you’re in for a real surprise. There’s a sense of responsibility that comes along with connecting to the world if you are to get anywhere. You must actually be involved with what is going on to be of value to it. 

Devoting just a small amount of time to others in the form of community, business or socially can go a long way. Making a small connection can lead to a web effect of great things happening.

Unplug the phone and plug into the world. Getting lost in data can be dangerous and drain the soul. Be human in the interactions taken to form a genuine connection.

Question For The Day

Do you get involved with the outside world? Are you doing things to connect with others?

Too many times we ask for things, let it be from our higher power or spiritual beliefs and expect it to be handed to us generously. Work is required for the best results which are sought after.

Become a part of the world we all live in.

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