Pondering the thought,”Was that decision the best choice?” Remaining in the moment rather than moving forward with what is to come. Mistakes are made, faults are found and even more so, making choices based on lack of knowledge happen more often than not. Taking the test of life is no perfect match when taking risk’s results in helping the process move along. Looking back into the past hoping to improve the mistakes made is an unrealistic vision many look upon.”

As you have noticed already, this week’s discussion is more of a pessimistic one. Not everything is a walk in the park and it’s impractical to think it should be. Regret is a huge problem for most of us. You can over-think too much and it happens.

The guilt that ties closely into the feeling of regret is unnecessary most of the time. However there are times the guilt is justified more often, it is not. Guilt, shame and regret all closely intertwine within each other formally encounter each other all too often.

Have you ever looked back on the past in regret knowingly placing yourself in a spot that can never be changed? Are there situations you heavily rely on fixing that will never change?

Placement is everything and putting the mind into a time where nothing can be changed is a huge mistake. Instead of wondering how to change the past you can always bring a brighter light into the future.

The drive to continue comes from learning from the past mistakes made and not wishing you can change them. Continue looking forward with your head up, not down. There is no reason to think this is the first time a failure, mistake or wrong decision will be made; they will come into your life on a constant basis. To regret is to hold oneself down without reason.

Remind yourself today: you are good enough and a work in progress. Everyday is a new learning experience so long your eyes are open, your ears are listening and your mouth is speaking the truth.

Have an awesome day.

Written By: Will



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  • Well put Will! Thank you for the reminder. Regret is an insidious little virus, that we must always remember to dismantle by letting go of. Have a great day!

    • Fomtriok,
      It’s so easy to get entangled into regret without even realizing it! You look back and come to see that it was such a drawn out process that could have been simplified. Thanks for reading!
      Have an awesome day,

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