Find your burning desire and latch onto it. Never letting go. If no one told you today: You are amazing and you are great!

“The shoemaker work’s day in and day out on the lost art of repairing the shoe. Hands moving elegantly back and forth on the lathe that supplied food to his family, for forty-five years. Dedicated to repairing any and all shoe that walk in through the door. With a fire that burns each and every moment a shoe is complete, looking as if it were new. This man found his purpose, which is not only repairing the shoe and making it new but also, creating happiness through dedication in repairing something many hold near and dear; creating smiles for the men and woman who want to continue wearing their favorite shoe.”

I’ll tell you a story, a quick one if I can. Yesterday I found myself within a small shoe repair shop and meant a gentle soul named Sam. Sam found his purpose, to repair shoes and make them new again. He took my shoe and said, “Give me $35 and 40 minutes and you won’t regret it.”

Hmmm, I’ve never had a shoe repaired before but I was curious to what he had to offer. Sam took my shoe and the magic started the second it hit his hand. On to a piece of metal shaped like the foot my shoe went. This is where the magic started to happen right in front of my eyes. Moves that were so calculated this art of shoe making looked as if it were a natural talent. Elegantly peeling back the sole ready to create something new. As the fire burned in Sam’s eye I could see the passion in which he had for making a beaten and battered shoe, come back to life.

When I got my shoe back, the look in Sam’s eyes was that of a lottery winner. Thankful for the chance to show me the art of being a shoemaker and full of joy that the shoe were repaired.

Let’s just say Sam is now my Shoemaker and we are definitely friends.

What makes your inner desires burn? Have you found something that you are passionate about, that you can do day in and day out?

This experience taught me a whole lot about happiness and purpose. If you’re passionate about something you will not work a day in your life. We all have a niche and it’s about finding it.

Find your burning desire and latch onto it. Never letting go. If no one told you today: You are amazing and you are great!

Written By: Will


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