“The picture frame falls off the wall as you stand near by. Assumption say’s it was you who’s knocked it over. Unable to explain the reason for the fall yet incapable of defending the innocence becoming an overwhelming task. A mix of emotions running through the mind; as the only option to take settles in. Take responsibility even though nothing was done.”

Some of life’s tasks will have you wondering why and what had just happened. From my own experiences to accept the responsibility for things even though you feel you should not have to build character. There has even been moments that have brought clarity to life and even helped me understand that I could’ve still did things differently even if I had not been wrong.

Life’s lessons can be learned at any given time, not just when failures and mistakes are made.

Has there been a time where you had to take responsibility for something you had no control over? Have you become extremely upset when someone does not believe you when what you profess is true?

There are plenty of times I’ve had to look at another person and say,”Who me? No way.” Then needed to accept the fact that they may never believe what I have to say. That’s okay. Something we’ve focused on this week was integrity and if you have it there are no worries. Building the character to stand strong within your belief system is an important part of who you are.

Be who you need to be without fear of others and allow them to feel anyway they want. There is nothing to prove when you’ve got your mind set on giving the universe the best version of yourself.

Written By: Will


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  • Many years ago I stopped accepting responsibility for other’s behaviour and apologising for it. I was collecting the responsibility for bad behaviour of others, therefore I was given more of the same. I no longer care what people think as long as I know I am right and not harming anyone this is what counts. I gave all the problems related to others back to God and let Him deal with it as I no longer wanted to take on the responsibility of other’s badness. Be sure of what you take-on.

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