“At the head of the pack, the main focus is to remain steady and to keep the composure of the group. Having the duty of being the forefront of all that may come. Leaders create the pathway for others to follow. Leadership is kin to community, with the top dog keeping all in line. The responsibility taken on is a great one with rewards that are ever greater.”

Becoming a leader takes time and dedication. The ability to lead others creates a sense of community for the entire unit. We are all roaming through this life at times without direction, but a role model to look up to is important. Looking up to someone else can give motivation and inspiration towards goal’s that may have at one time seemed unachievable.

Is there that special someone that you look up to? Do you have leadership skills that you are afraid to display?

Take on only roles that you are willing to play. If you have the skill to be a leader, what is stopping you?

Don’t be afraid of failing in the position of success. Leading ones own path is an important task keep considering it is one of the only ways to creating a life of happiness. Take control of the decisions you make, so that others could look up to the choices that are made. There’s nothing wrong with leading the way, leadership skills are to be stored for a rainy day.

Written By: Will



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