Trusting one another is the fabric that makes up the blanket of life. Each thread contains the creation of community. Integrity intertwined with selfless service. The quilt that continues to give with each day that it is built. Forever telling a story from the choices made without second thought of perception. All that we do can be woven into the fabrics of time.”

Let’s face it, trust is an issue that we all have experienced at one time or another. Finding a others with integrity can be a difficult task at times. Once you were able to trust, no longer being able to help. Community is built on the premises and assumption that all feel in a similar manner aiming for the goal’s ahead.

Do you do the right thing when no one is looking, for the greater good of humanity? Are you attempting to create community and not destroy it?

Sometimes, you must put your trust in others freely. Without the initial thought that things will go wrong, at times we must see if they will go wrong. The courage to let things play out as they should for the gain of all.

Written By: Will



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  • My mother used to say trust people to be good until they prove otherwise but life experiences made me believe trust them.to be bad till they prove their goodness…but now m trying to again follow my mom’s teachings..

    • You have to trust others. That goes back to the basic concept innocent until proven guilty. You can not look at someone through the eyes of paranoia, as it will diminish any chance you have at successfully making a connection to anyone.

      Have a great day!

      • One part of the society that holds on the progress (in my own opinion, the ignorant ones as well as those autodestructive) should be gradually removed from the rest of the society, ´cause they are one of those who are and were one of those responsible for downgrade and deadlock of the society itself…