“As the brain speaks loud into the world around us, telling all what it is. Boasting so loudly without yet moving a stone. The worlds strongest man is not prized with his trophy by stating he can move the stone; he picks it up and moves it in front of us all. The Nobel Prize recipient is not recommended simply for what they may have said; but the actions they portrayed to show their value and information in which they created out of peace, physics, economics or other such subjects.”

Over and over again the brain says,”I’ll start tomorrow I promise.” Or “I’ll get to it when I get to it.” With all intentions and full hearted meaning to do what is being said. This is an old trick of the trade in which the brain can make you think you will get something done. More often than not, these said things will never be accomplished. The inspiration and motivation to get up and do a task or complete a goal comes from within.

In life, how many pep talks have you given yourself? How often do you tell someone you’re going to do something, with out doing it?

When you tell someone you’re going to do something, they peg on you being reliable. Chances are there is hope that you will in fact be there. Say what you mean and mean what you say, people will only listen to rubbish for so long.

For lack of a better example, if I leave dishes in the sink and do not do them the moment I put them there, those dishes could be in the sink all week long.

Instead of telling everyone what you’re going to do, try doing it first. It’s okay to “Speak things into existence” to the extent of convincing yourself that you’re going to make it. But, on the flip side of things, this could also be dangerous. Speaking so much that you start to believe something was accomplished already.

Believe in yourself. You deserve it. Swift action calls for swift decisions. Swift decisions create solid situations. Solid situations create balance in life. Do what you need to do, without speaking at all.

Written By: Will



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