You Are Good Enough – Will’s Wisdom

“Struck down early the youngster whom never received praise for good grades: but decided to keep going. Unable to sleep in and get the proper rest the parent whom kept food on the table and a roof to live under: for the children in care. Waking up again facing the world with one less problem while keeping composure: for the life we all deserve to live.”

Determination and ambition are the foundation of all success. To be shot down, but to continue going. To have a reason even when you’re tired of the same process, over and over. To care for someone else instead of yourself, because this world we live in; we live together.

Create a healthy dedication to life itself, for you are who you strive to be. There is much more to life than working, relaxing and not caring what is to be. Time can become the root in which you plant the future seed.

Do you feel good enough today, even though things may not be going your way? Do you have a purpose to keep going?

Find your purpose.

I will tell you today and everyday for the rest of Tangible Triumphs day’s that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH AND YOU DO DESERVE TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

Here are three healthy habits to help you wake up in the morning on the good side of the bed, ready to conquer your dreams:

  • Look yourself in the mirror and say these words: “I am good enough, I do have the ability to accomplish my dreams and I love you!”
  • Drink coffee of course
  • Meditate for five minutes or as long as you can stand. Develop a healthy routine.
  • Do the same thing every morning to get yourself ready and get on with you day.

Practice makes perfect and you may not accomplish all three today or tomorrow. Maybe not even next week. Keep trying until it becomes second nature.

Have a great Sunday.

Written By: Will


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