“We are here today, so drastically gone tomorrow. Try to remember that today is a blessing and is not owed. Grab a hold of the moment and live with it, not for it. A slave of time never gets time back, a conqueror of time lives like it’s the last. While being part of the movement in which we all take prominence in, be fluid in all the that can be made of it.”

So many times I’ve heard,”Today is the day that I will not work so much, but enjoy my life!” or “Today is the day that I will start to work out!”

What have you told yourself today, that you’d like to start doing? Do you not yet realize that now is the time to start, not just today?

Step back and really take a look at the bigger picture… Is it today that is helping you start what ever it is you’ve got your mind set to, or is the this moment in time. Any given moment is the perfect moment to take the leap and never look back.

We may trip, we may fall, we may run straight into the wall but, we never have to look back again and say,”Here we go again.” Choose to live in the moment and not for it, the difference is worth a lifetime of wisdom. Gaining the insight to just be, is the best decision that has helped make me.

Written By: Will



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