Live Regret Free; Learn To Let Go – Will’s Wisdom

“Sitting down after a long day, reflection on what could have been begins to settle in. What if the decision was made to not get so up set? Why had this moment taken on this track? Could there have been a different choice made? The voice of reason, sometimes; is not the voice of reason at all, but the voice of destruction. Caring on the ticking time bomb that can result in the dismantling of the stable mind. Then realizing, does it really matter at all? It was just a learning experience and nothing to regret.

Let go of the negativity and be sure to breathe in positivity. Sometimes we just need to be reminded… Slow down. There is no reason to over think what is already done. Living in the past helps no one at all. Living for the future can result in not moving from today’s place. The only option is to understand and live for here and now.

Do you regret things from your past? Are there things that you still continuously hold on too, to this day?

I beg you, let it go. The unfortunately events of the past must not be dug up and brought to the future. There is no reason to allow such circumstances to inflict pain upon the current day.

Each morning we wake up is a new slate or canvas to paint. Free on obstruction and given the opportunity for fresh perspective. Take a hold of your day and seize the moment. You are great, what will you do with today?

Written By: Will


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