See The Picture; Then Get To It – Will’s Wisdom

Looking into the pool that tells all, the magician see’s success and faith taking it’s course in all the right ways. As hopes are high and the moment is now, everything makes sense. Having a vision of what will be, solidifies each movement which will become embedded in time. Trajectory is the solution for not knowing where one wants to be. Visualize where destiny will take you and get to it!.”

To identify your goals, brings the things in life you truly want to see into reality. There is a huge leap of faith when it comes to setting goals and going for them but let me tell you, you’ve got this.

What are some basic goals you can set for yourself? Are there any short term goals that are easily attainable? Start small and work for big as success moves right along.

Picture what success looks like. Feel what happiness means. Touch the material that is but a dream.

Here are some of my short term goals, I’d like for you to make a list with me as well.

  • Read at least one book this month.
  • Bring motivation to those around me, for a better life for all.
  • Give back to my community.

Obviously, we can expand on the ideas. BUT! Having the idea is just the beginning to a process that has just started. Once you start the process it’s much easier to keep going. Visualize where you want to go; then get to it!

If no one told you today that you are great, I’ll be the first to believe in you. You are great.

Written By: Will




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