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“The yin-yang, The Ouroboros. The Infinity. The Bindu. The symbols of time, showing balance as an ageless concept known to man. The unity of opposites. The old saying,”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Become aware of what you are yearning for. Create stability within the routine that is developed as to not lose control and hyper focus on one area of life, to lose the rest in it’s place.”

Without a proper balance in life, there would be nothing to create. How often it is believed that if you go for something and give it your all, that it will be yours. This can be one of the most dangerous beliefs in the back of ones mind.

Are you taking care of your spiritual health all while going for the endless goal? How is your physical health after working all day and not eating? Are you paying attention to the amount of sleep you are getting?

Balance is a learned skill taught to oneself after making the mistake of becoming unbalanced. Pay attention to what your body is telling you; listen to your soul when it speaks; hear your brain telling you to slow down and take a break.

With every movement, with each task complete, the body speaks for itself. Being healthy is crucial for the survival of not only oneself but success and consistency. Without balance there would be no proper way to get to the end result, happiness with ones accomplishments. 

Refreshing the body, mind and spirit keeps the world on its toes, ready to delivery at a moments notice unable to be take advantage of. Staying ready as a warrior on the front lines, able to take on what may come with swift delivery. 

Written By: Will



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