Words create the world around us; resulting in what is to be and what will become. How often we forget, we are what we say and do. Allow yourself to believe in what you are creating for it to be the best experience available. Speaking negativity will create negativity. Speaking positively will result in positivity.”

Is it really unrealistic to think, you do create what you are and where you are going? The universe does put you in situations where you have no control, but there are things you can do before hand to end up there.

What choices are you making today to make a better tomorrow? Are you allowing your words to impact your life positively?

When it comes to the world around us, it is always listening. Where you aim the energy it will go. The universe is a living organism constantly evolving and creating existence here and now, forever to come.

Written By: Will



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  • Thanks for posting this. It’s important to challenge ourselves to see how we are contributing to, or undermining our own success, by our words – and the beliefs they reveal. Too often we fail to see that we shape and fashion the people we become.

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