“The impossible vision becomes clear as discussion happens with those around that have the same vision. When taking the approach to being singular stops working, one will realize that it’s much harder to create a leg to stand on without cohesion from the world around. An empire is not built alone but with the help of an entire community. There are builders, engineers, laborers, traders and many more titles assigned to the different task’s at hand. You are not alone in this world, don’t pretend that you are.”

That’s not to say that being alone and doing things on your own is a negative way of living, it’s not. But, on the contrary, there is help for you to reach out to if need be. We’re all in this thing we call life, together. Not once have I rejected to help others for any other reason besides my resources being slim and not being available at that moment in time.

Who can you ask for you help from today? Can you better yourself by asking for help?

Don’t lead yourself into the woods without first telling someone, for if you are lost and never found there is no success in your story.

Written By: Will


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