“As the table fills with all walks of life, food is placed at the center of the table. Gathering around with laughter, conversation and celebration without debate of who belongs. While all are welcome to feast upon the gift our earth has given, the simplicity of being able to gather around with others to show gratitude for the little things. The outside problems become so small when realization of the little things come to fruition. Being thankful that we are all simply just here.”

Allow gratitude to show, not just today but rather, everyday. It’s the small things that create the appreciation for what is to come, the bigger things that come from hard work and dedication. Give thanks for the little things that you can not recreate.

Moments only last a moment, not a life time.

Here’s a list of what I am thankful for today:

  • My Family
  • My Friends
  • My Network
  • My Warm Home

Of course this list can go on and on, but those are just a few.

What are you thankful for today and how can you show gratitude?

Thank the universe for the meal you eat today. Be content with what you have instead of wishing for me. Allow life to be with you in a comfortable way. Thank those around you that they are there for you.

Written By: Will



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