“As the bare lot takes place towards the outskirt of land once thought inhabitable, the tribe begins to slowly make progress towards building what will become the center of all attraction. A year goes by and we only see the foundation of the center building formed. Two years go by and what we see as the frame of the village being formed is set in place. Year three and nothing seems to have happened. Vital planning going on in the background misleads all to see that, on year four the walls go up and the village becomes alive. By year five there is a community that has been built along with the opening of a healthy economic system and a group of new people forming a town now thriving.”

How many times have you started working on something only to put it down? Are you really doing your best to produce or only putting in half effort?

Results are only apparent after extended periods of time. Certain improvements you may see immediately, congratulating yourself as being able to conquer a short term goal. To become a more well rounded individual after focusing on development of, lets say, one’s own character. Only to plateau and become stagnant in position for an extended period of time.

Improvement is sometimes not noticed by ones own eye, yet is visible to the outside world. Patience is required when it comes to seeing results. Be so involved in what you are doing that you forget improving was part of the process. Create something that you’ve never imagined you, yourself could create.

There will be times when nothing feels as if it is moving and I’m here to tell you if you are putting the effort in to produce results something is happening regardless you see it or not.

If you’ve improved today and woke up this morning as the best version of yourself, I am proud of you. You are great.

Written By: Will



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