“From the distant view, from the bottom of the pit, everything looks so tense and gloomy. The road less traveled looks to be full of rock and traps. The hard way out seems to be the only answer, when there’s no reason to look up and find that one way out. Unable to see the good in the mess being made, only to realize it’s what has made you who you are today. Forcing the mind to see the good in each pitfall and downfall is the only way to conquer ones dreams, being positive when crying seems to be the only reality.”

I can’t tell you how many times life has felt like a burden, so hard to conquer, that the thought of giving up or giving in to admitting nothing will ever be right has crossed my mind. There’s no telling what the future holds, but present moment can be such a hard concept to grab unless you’re all in.

Is there something you’ve been itching to try or itching to remove from yourself or your life? Do you have a plan but you’re not sure if it’s right?

I’ve always said one thing and have always stuck to it, if you don’t try something how will you ever know if it’s right for you or not? If you’ve never attempted to conquer a task, can you really say it wasn’t for you or it had been too hard?

Tangible Triumph is here for one reason, to lead you to your maximum potential!

If no one has told you today that they love you, i love you.

Written By: Will



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