“The track meets the feet. Pummeling forward the sprinters knee’s crank as a well oiled engine on the run way. Mindlessly going forward towards the finish line, never once thinking of failure. Endurance and stamina maximized for one purpose and only one purpose; successfully completing the task at hand. Watching the final foot cross over the finish line; finally rest is right around the corner.”

Sleepless nights, hard working days and plenty of regrets for when work was more important than family gatherings, time spent with friends and other activities that would have been much needed. The endurance and stamina required for success is a demand and request that must be met with the mind set of a warrior.

Long term commitments and spurts of endless energy are required to get to the the end product, which is an anomaly in the society we live in today.

Do you really have what it takes to get to where you want to go? Are you ready to face the world head on, no matter what others have to say?

Written By: Will


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