“Tightly grabbing the rope, which supports the dead weight for what seems like an eternity. Daring to take the challenge of a life time. Each foot moving forward, time irrelevant with only the sound of each strike upon the face of the rock. Climbing boots worn, with barely any tread left. Looking up the end seems to be nowhere near. The hand reaches up towards the clearing at the top, to find the comfortable grasp of the universe taking hold and pulling the final inches to the top.”

More often than not, the end is never seen as it comes trailing along. The main focus on being the challenge itself and not the finish line. Choose to focus on what the goal is opposed to how the goal will be complete, developing a different view and strategy. View can change the entire perception, creating a new way of thinking.

How hard is it to focus on what it takes to completing the goal, opposed to the actual finish line? Is there a time where you call it quits because you’re not there yet?

Failure is not always negative, as it can open ones eyes to a different opportunity. The name of the game is to find your way to the top, not to the end.

Written By: Will


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