“Steadily brewing offshore, the storm is ready to make direct impact with land. Preparation is sought and all options are evaluated, then reevaluated again and again. The mind conjures many circumstances, without much force. Allowing the mind to go astray to a purpose you may not believe in, is dangerous. As the unpredictable storm strikes land, it dissipates into nothing.”

How often have you prepared for something so diligently, only to find nothing goes according to plan? When has something been made a big deal, yet nothing comes out of it?

As the snow moves in, up here in New England, we Yankees like to go out and stock up on bread and milk for the next few weeks. Need I remind you, bread and milk only last’s a week at most. You turn around and before you know it, guess what? The milk and bread is expired and long sour. Better yet? It hasn’t even snowed.

The mind works in mysterious ways, leading us down a path of what if’s, how’s, yeah but, and many more alterations of the same scenarios. Some of the unhealthy habits I posses to this day are the what if’s syndrome.

What if this is not a good idea? What if this doesn’t work? Yeah but I tried that already.

Learn to thrive in the world we live in, in the present moment. By all means, prepare for the future and learn from the past; never let it dictate your path in life. Have faith in the mind, as it carries you through out your day and life.

If no one told you they love you today, I love you.

Written By: Will



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