“The fruit tree bears gold to the hungry beggar whom has nothing but the sole-less shoes upon his feet. The river hydrates the children of a distant village beyond the extent of the forested land. A short breath brings life into the lungs, offering stability on this earth until the time has come to move on. As the leaves decompose harvesting new soil for new seed to be sown. The world tenders the soul, body and mind expecting nothing in return.”

With zero expectation, the gift to live is presented to use without anything in return. What is needed to survive is provided by Mother Nature herself. To make it without reliance on anything other than the world around us, is a hard but feasible task.

How can you thank the world around you for the jobs it’s already done? Do you realize how much is given freely, without expectations?

As the self-absorbed soul walks past the trash on the ground, choose to be the self-awareness for us all doing a deed without being seen. Pick up the trash and help it find the rightful home. Doing deeds of greatness while no ones looking is a feeling that can not be replaced.

Written By: Will


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