“Knowledge is power, or so they say. This knowledge can be used to hurt, rather than give to the greater cause of humanity. One must realize that the good may not prevail at the beginning of the race, but those whom disguise themselves as good are found to be fraud. Being the best you can be should not be considered a menial task, being done for a short period of time to gain the upper hand. It’s a life long decision to make a difference in the world we live in today. Some tend to wear a mask to satisfy those around them. Take your mask off to satisfy being yourself and use what you know for the greater good of humanity.”

When you learn something, you can always teach those around you what you have learned. The infinite amount of decisions to be made, that can benefit the world are indescribable. Of course life gets hard but you must remind yourself; the universe will not give you a task that you can not handle.

Who can you teach today? Is there a way for you to give back, for the greater good of humanity, in a small way today?

Try not to pretend that you know what is going on. Rather do your best to learn something today, so that in return you may give the world a lesson they may need to know. Carry the power of knowledge with you wherever you go, with means of giving back at a moments notice.

Written By: Will



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