“Negativity comes in different forms, in the mind, the physical world, interactions and many other seducing ways. The mind can shift at any moments notice, with a single thought. “Not today.” Tell yourself. Better to choose the higher road to being a better person. Feeding the cattle with a smile on the face, as the frozen wind bitters the nose. Starting a fire with ambition as far as the eyes can see, even though rain may be on the way. As a painting comes together through the blind vision of the artist; and the poem is written through the struggle of writers block.”

So many situations we are faced with on a daily basis can call for negativity at the drop of the dime. In my personal experience the worse thing to do, which most people do, is to feed into it buying into the scheme to make things worse. No matter how bad things get, an alternative view can be made with one conscious decision to not feed into the bullshit.

What have you fed into recently that was completely unnecessary leaving you incapable of seeing the positive side of things? Where could you change one thing in your daily life to have a better view of the world?

Pessimism is so easy to buy into these days, especially with the addition to social media. “I should be doing better at work”, “I could really use a vacation like so-and-so.”, “Why do they have it and I do not?”

I’ll end by telling you, it’s a trap. Do not fall into it. Remember you are doing your best and are great. You deserve everything that you’re going for and you will get there.

Written By: Will



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