“A squirrel ready to run across the road, being hit before it even begins it’s adventure. A bird ready to fly; takes an electrical zap before it leaves the line. A sleeping dog simply just does not wake up, ever again. The world around us is a cruel world when it comes to certain perspectives. I advise you to tread carefully but never be too cautious. The Wright brothers took the chance to be the first to fly a powered aircraft; willingly knowing the craft could take a nose dive or blow up at any second. BUT THEY HAD DONE IT! Now look at the advancement that has come from this.”

Let’s ponder the thought of being too cautious. I know there needs to be a sense of security in each movement made and each choice taken. Everything must be taken into consideration; but how much?

What have you missed out on because you’ve taken too long to decide the best option? Has there been regrets in correlation to being too indecisive to move forward?

Take into account each scenario but by god, go for it! The universe will never set you up with something that you can not handle. Mother nature is a good creature willing to give you what you deserve, so long as you take the opportunity. Have the respect to at least give it a shot!

Never forgot, you are awesome. You do deserve a good life. Most importantly you are good enough to be who ever you want to be.

Have an awesome day!

Written By: Will



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