Failure is inevitable in the world we live in today. Instant change has become a common construct within the environment. One battle lost contains the information and knowledge to conquer the next four or five battles that yet await. A wise old man once said,”Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.” To wear the stripes of a general, humility traces the established core of being. The universe will set up failures that are bound to happen; meant to happen.”

Failure is one of the numerous discouragements in this adventure we call life. It can prevent a project from being started, halt a great man or woman to better themselves or even have the capability of a beautiful soul taking their own life.

Failure is scary but something we must all go through. Perfection is unattainable; with distinct eminence being next.

What failures have made you a better person? Have your failures attributed towards your positive traits or outcomes in life?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Failure is just another obstacle that is easily mastered once wisdom is gained. Becoming a black belt takes many years, with plenty of defeats to remember. One thing we must all remember; if you fail try again.

Reach out to the expert today that can teach you for future battles. Listen to the wise whom have been where your own feet may land. Never forget the world has much to offer if you open an ear.

Listen closely and the fear of losing will go away. Content with the knowledge that confidence is near. Be weary of what you take in for it may be misleading. Decipher what is best for you, for future use in what is to come. Train with the mind and strong it will get.

Written By: Will




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  • It’s funny that you should ask the question : What failures have made you a better person?
    And my answer to that actually answers the second question 😉
    My perceived failures were actually the catalysts for growth and positive change…which then led to the most wonderful successes. So they weren’t failures at all. Because I never stopped trying. I didn’t give up!

    Thank you for this wonderful post and the reminder to stay focused and seek wisdom in order to jump the hurdles of life 😉 🙂

    • I love the amount of feedback here. You’re a wonderful human and thank you for sharing today. I couldn’t agree with you more. Positive change comes from downfall most of the time so long as you learn from it.

      I was reading your blog this morning and it’s so creepy that we’re on the same page from time to time with our post’s without even realizing it!

      Rock on!

      • Very creepy 😛 But maybe we’re just in tune with some of the things the world needs to hear 😉
        I think the key is learning from it. Initially, we may fight the lesson. I know I have on a few occasions. I’ve learnt though that fighting actually prolongs the pain. And who needs that? 😉 The positive changes are the reward – and I prefer rewards to pain 🙂

      • Change is key when something is not going the right direction. It’s a hard thing to admit you may really just not be good enough or aren’t good with what is at hand. We forget, that’s okay. No ones perfect. With time and dedication you can turn a downfall into a skill and asset.

        Love the feedback as always!

  • Yes, failure is an integral part of life. It’s interesting … we don’t see the falls when a child learns to walk as failure; and we see studying (because we don’t remember information right away) as normal, and even necessary. Yet, often we expect perfection in other areas. Perhaps we need to show more compassion and admit we’re all learners in this game of life.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more on having compassion with people trying to learn on a constant basis. Empathy is an important part of the process.

      Thank you for the feedback and have a wonderful night,