“It’s easier to be confident when you have mileage. Confidence is an acquired skill which is developed not over night but slowly through the trek into the woods and out of the other side. As it takes years for the youth to be unafraid to sleep in the dark without the glimpse of a night light. The first diamond was not struck without first digging hundreds if not thousands of times. Confidence is built years in the making as the foundation of creating even greater skill within other areas. Be you; Be confident; never be discouraged.”

You just wake up one day and boom, you’re confident.

I think personally confidence is sought after in a backwards way, which in turn makes it unattainable. It’s a skill that requires a solid foundation before it is yet even built. Not a single soul sits satisfied without first putting in the work.

It all starts with standing up straight. One simple task that most subconsciously lack from effortless monotony. Without confidence many negative emotions and feelings set in quickly and result in steps being taken backward instead of towards the ultimate goal: success.

Once you’ve got this standing up straight thing nailed, start to make eye contact with everyone in the outside world, hell even give them a smile.

One day a time a time, one strike at a time, one foot at a time you can build upon the solid foundation feeling accepted by those around you. Enough satisfaction to then give your input with out second thinking yourself, or what others may think.

Self esteem is a golden attribute that takes times to build but you’ll always keep.

Forget what the world thinks about you and the move forward will be much easier.

Written By: Will




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