“I’m in the Zone” the brain claims. Fluently taking on all that comes its way as if we’ve all been here before. Placement is key with time working elegantly as if it had never existed. United with the mind, body and spirit everything seems to be going just as it should. Goal’s being completed with the precision of a laser engraving “finished” upon the label of the task at hand.”

The beautiful nature of being in the zone and we all think it just happened by chance. To be in the zone is a sweet spot of equilibrium sought after time and time again. What we tend to forget is this moment can be set into place as the focus on is on the present moment of now.

The power of working on the here and now is a beautiful feeling as it influences the brain to calculate each current moment. With a hyper focused attention nothing seems impossible.

It almost seems impossible to get here; let me tell you it is not. What do you truly love to do? What makes you warm and fuzzy inside? Is there something you’re so strongly passionate about you’ll avoid sleep just to get ahead?

Do what you love and do it well, for we all know that these moments may never be replaced. In a memory bank they will always remain. Spend time with yourself today and figure out, what really makes my brain race?

I do my best not to speak of myself too often within these posts but I can give you a few examples to help you get started. Things that remove me from father time to name are:

  1. Volunteering my time to those who need me or may be in a crunch. Finding the ones who need a shoulder to lean on within my community. I’m always looking for a way to give back to put a smile on someones face. It brings me a peace I have yet to find else where.
  2. Writing. I love to write. Once I’ve found something that I love to write about; I can’t stop. Guess what? I’ve found a way to help others and to write. I have the best of both worlds right here at my finger tips.
  3. Working with others to accomplish a goal for the greater good; if it be at work, at home or for a project on the side.

That’s enough about me. I suggest you take some time and think about what makes your brain really tick. It’s a beautiful feeling when you can take a moment in time and capture it forever.

If no one told you they love you today; I love you.

Written By: Will



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