“Share with the world as you wish the gifts you have, freely. There is no wrong or right path to choose from when indecision seems to be the only answer as the universe will never send anything that can not be handled with practice. Knowing that each day brings a new experience there is always room for improvement. For when the eyes open, a new task is given with the incentive to create what is in direct vision. Allow the way to be shown; not forcing what is already given. The answer is there and the path is clear, do you see it?”

There seems to be a misconception that you must make a decision that will satisfy the world and create what is right for all. That’s not that case. With that being said, yes you want to help others within your own adventure. But, don’t allow others to control your destiny.

Do you consider yourself a go getter? Do you choose to let opportunity come to you instead of openly seeking it?

Have an open mind when it comes to success and happiness. You will lose friends from choices you make and definitely make others unhappy. At what cost are you making these choices? There’s a fine line between being a negative force and creating evil compared to changing who you are for the greater good of your environment resulting in positivity within the world.

Not all want to see you win, but winning is what you are designed to do! Go get that job promotion, go meet those new friends and seek out accomplishment. You deserve it no matter what others may say or feel. Control your own destiny without stepping on those around you.

Written By: Will



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