“As a beacon signals out to sea during the night; giving the last string of hope to a lost sailor on his last meal. Providing that string of opportunity and last hope. In everyday life the choice to be a light house to those around or the black hole that pulls energy from every interaction is a conscious decision to be made. Don’t be a product of the environment; be the example of the product.”

There’s always the chance to be a giver; instead of a taker. Most of the time it’s much easier to just take, take and take. How often the opportunity presents itself to give and taking is chosen instead. What does it look like to give?

Be specific in life and be the example that can lead. Choose the higher road and live by the words you speak instead of speaking the words you may live.

Relate to the world around you and benefit from your decisions to choose the right path. Be a staple to the environment around you; be critical in your moments. Do what is important to you so that giving can be a blessing instead of a burden.

What makes you tick? Is there a chance for you to teach those around you?

To be a teacher is to create ones own happiness. Joy from seeing those around you follow in your footsteps due to your example being the best one, is a feeling that can not be found.

Written By: Will



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